Meet John Maddison: The Obsessive Golf Nut Behind

What’s up, golf addicts? I’m John Maddison, the founder and main writer here at GolfProximity. If we’re being totally honest, calling me a “golf nut” is probably an understatement – this game straight up consumes my every waking thought.

I’ve been absolutely hooked on golf for over a decade now, ever since my dad cut me loose as a 16-year-old with a rusted hand-me-down set of blades. After slicing and chucking my way through those first brutal years, golf’s hooks were firmly in me. The rest is history.

These days, I’ve played hundreds of rounds all over the country, from local munis to prestigious private clubs. Heck, I’ve even had the pleasure of playing iconic bucket list courses like Pebble Beach and Bandon Dunes (thanks to generous friends with deep pockets!).

Off the course, you’ll usually find me camped out in front of my laptop, obsessively watching instructional videos or analyzing my swing footage for any potential fixes. I’ve read just about every major instructional book out there and have spent way too many hours geeking out over gear stats and launch monitor data.

Simply put – I live, eat, sleep, and breathe golf 24/7. It borders on an unhealthy level of obsession at times, to be totally honest!

But that’s exactly why I started GolfProximity – to share my passion for this incredibly fun yet frustrating game with fellow golf addicts. My goal is to create the kind of candid, trustworthy, no-BS golf resource that I desperately craved all those years ago when I was just a hackin’ and whackin’ beginner.

On this site, I’ll guide you through every aspect of the game, using my decade of experience and research. You’ll get easy-to-follow breakdowns of swing mechanics, mental game techniques, course strategy, and much more – all documented in a way any regular person can understand. No complicated pro jargon here!

I’m just a regular guy who caught the golf bug hard and is hopelessly obsessed. I know the struggles of high handicappers and the euphoric highs of finally breaking through a plateau all too well. I’ve been there, and I’m here to pass along my hard-won wisdom.

So shall we play nine sometime? Or maybe 18? You pick the course – I’ll supply the golfaholic energy and the cold beverages! Let’s roll.